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Writer, translator, editor, language teacher, artist

Welcome to Learned Words! I’m Kymberly Fergusson, a weaver, artist, writer, translator and language teacher, based in Leipzig, Germany.

You are never to old to learn, and nothing is too hard to learn – you just need the right tools and motivation.

While my background is in IT, education, and languages, I am most passionate about learning and helping others learn effectively, whether that be as a writing coach, an editor, or in the creation of courses and how-to guides for creatives.

Let’s work together

In today’s world, it’s hard to find a real person that will write, edit or translate your content.

I’m open to plagiarism-averse clients who don’t want their content to be recorded by or generated by AI algorithms, but want to work with a real person.

I don’t use AI tools so your content will not end up in any third-party’s data set.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements!

  • Writing: course content, articles, books, especially IT, technical and medical documents.
  • Translation from German to English: especially technical, IT and medical texts.
  • Language coaching (English): self-study material, puzzles, weekly chats, writing and conversation prompts. Online via Patreon.

More information about my services

ESL resources

In the LearnedWords Patreon shop, you’ll find bundled collections of previously published resources for a small fee (some a free).

In the Patreon post archives, you’ll find lesson materials, cheat sheets, puzzles, writing and conversation prompts, and tips for English teachers and students around the world.

Become a Patron!

You can also follow along my creative journey as I learn new skills in painting, music, languages, join me in my rooftop productive garden, enjoy lots of photos of the cats, and more.

Original art and handwoven items for sale

A variety of handwoven mug rugs, cup mats, bookmarks, key fobs, lanyards, scarves, tea towels and more are sporadically added to my ko-fi shop. All items are handwoven, and commissions for inkle bands and scarves are welcome!

Original watercolour, ink and acrylic cards and paintings are also available to purchase and on commission if you have a specific vision.

  • Finished rosegarden scarf on the table loom
  • A watercolour dragon painted by Kym on a postcard
  • Handwoven inkle bands sewn into various products - bookmarks, key fobs, lanyards and more
  • An offcut of blue and teal scarf crafted into a cosy mug warmer
  • An ink and acrylic painting in the kintsugi rabbit series, commermorating the year of the rabbit
  • An original character painting in ink and acrylic for inktober 2022
  • An original character painting in ink and acrylic for inktober 2022
  • A blue and teal set of placemats still on the loom
  • Kymberly Fergusson in 2003
  • Kymberly Fergusson in 2008
  • Kymberly Fergusson in 2011
  • Kymberly Fergusson in 2020

Who am I?

I’ve always loved words, devouring books when I was younger. My first languages other than English were all programming.

I found it much more fun to teach than to actually program, and side-stepped from my computer science degree into lecturing, and then into technical writing and English teaching.

It wasn’t until my tweens when the real language bug bit me, beginning with one of the ‘hardest’ – Japanese. After teaching myself Japanese for a few years, I lived in Japan and taught English.

Yup, I was there in Fukushima during the 2011 earthquake …

Once I had moved to Germany to be with my partner, I shifted to German, made more urgent by medical conditions requiring intensive treatments. These days I write documentation, edit, tutor, and translate from German to English, specialising in medical, manufacturing, legal and technical content.

Hand waving and a dictionary are excellent tools for communicating

When I first travelled overseas, I spoke no languages other than English. The world is more open and accessible when you can speak more than just one language. There are more job opportunities, you develop deeper friendships, and travel with fewer problems.

When I’m not playing with words, I enjoy many hobbies: crafts, gardening, cooking, hiking, watching anime, gardening and drinking lots of tea. You can follow my progress on the many creative projects I dive into and my productive balcony garden over on Patreon.

I’m a novice weaver, spinner and artist, selling products and commissions in my shop on Ko-fi.

You may find me lurking in music/art streams in Discord or on Twitch as Seirff, or posting on Mastodon.

I also publish a slow vlog on YouTube semi-regularly.

Occasionally I will endorse products, books or services which I personally use and love on this site, for which I may receive a small commission.

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