Why LearnedWords?

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It all started with words, losing myself in piles of books from the time I started to read. I’d devour page after page, get lost in imaginary worlds, and chase down stories.

I started writing my own stories in primary school, such terrible copies they were.

But my love of writing was born.

Eternally learning

I’d regularly get bored at school, when the lessons weren’t moving fast enough, or a topic wasn’t explored deeply. You’d usually see me with an extra book under the table.

Seeking out extra information was normal.

Hours (days) spent in libraries firmly established my love of learning.

It’s so much easier now to indulge, with the internet, Google, Wikipedia, blogs, and eBooks!

Along came learning and teaching languages

If you’ve ever tried to learn or teach a language, you’ll know that most textbooks aren’t fun.

The vocabulary isn’t appropriate to your situation. High school vocabulary for seniors is painful to teach.

Exercises are tediously repetitive – too many fill in the blanks, match the sentence halves, translate the list of words, listen to and repeat a boring scripted conversation.

Grammar isn’t explained clearly, or there isn’t enough variety in practice activities, or the topics are covered far too slowly.

As a student, I found myself skipping around various textbooks, apps and vocabulary lists that I’d actually use, just to keep myself interested in learning.

As a teacher, I spend hours of additional preparation time for each class, to add or modify exercises to meet my students’ needs, rarely following the textbook.

Learning and using words you need, instead of the random collection that a textbook prescribes, is the best way to learn quicker and remember more.

That’s why LearnedWords was conceived

My passion is to encourage a love of self-directed learning, to foster a fascination with languages and words, to encourage writers of all interests and ages, and to support teachers with fun and useful activities.

You’ll find games, puzzles, conversation and writing prompts (some bite-sized, some very long), plus my thoughts and researched articles about learning and teaching here.

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