50 Travel conversation prompts

The most requested topics in a conversation class with my older students is travel. I usually schedule two classes per conversation course on this topic, focusing on different tenses or grammar. Making the second or third lesson in a course about travel helps the students feel more comfortable with each other and improves speaking … [Read more...]

15 Idioms from around the world

Idioms are a great way to increase enthusiasm and interest in learning a language. Instead of getting bogged down in memorizing vocabulary, they paint bold, clear pictures in students' minds, which are much more easily remembered than a boring list of words. Teachers can use 1-3 of these as warm-up exercises, or as a list in an entire lesson … [Read more...]

10 Things that …

This fun vocabulary activity works wonderfully with small to large groups, from beginners through to advanced students. It's a race and a competition, which encourages participation and increases motivation. It can increase participation for the remainder of the class when used as a warm-up. Beginner classes may like to use a dictionary - it … [Read more...]