Curiosity on the red planet

Imagine you were the Curiosity rover, and you have just touched down on the surface of Mars. Describe what you can see. What is happening around you, right now? Give a running commentary about what you are doing, what you are testing, and what you find.   Curiosity Rover by NASA, public domain     … [Read more...]

Rules of the game

Explain the rules of one sport that you enjoy playing and/or watching. Try to make your explanations both interesting and easy to understand. Related conversation prompts: Why do you like this sport? Have you played it yourself? Who are your favourite players? When did you start watching / playing the sport? … [Read more...]

The best day

Write a story about a person who lives through your ideal day. Be as descriptive as possible: What do they do? Where do they go? What do they think? What do they see? What do they say? Who do they meet and speak to? How do they feel throughout the day? … [Read more...]


Describe an item or place that holds many memories for you. Why is it special? What events, people, sights and feelings does it make you remember? How does it make you feel now? … [Read more...]


Write (or tell) a short story about this photo. Some prompts, if you need them: What was the building used for? Who used the building? What was it like when it was new and beautiful? What happened? Why was it abandoned? Who lives there now? How would you feel if you were exploring the building at night? Do you know of any other … [Read more...]

Hidden talent

What is your hidden talent? Talk (or write) about your hidden talent. What is it? Why is it hidden? Do you keep it hidden on purpose? Why / why not? Does anyone know about your hidden talent? … [Read more...]