Natural pests

The lion fish is becoming a pest in waters around the world - there are too many of them! Lion fish have venomous spines and do not have many natural predators (apart from the occasional shark). They are aggressive fish, and actively protect their territories. These fish are even dangerous to humans, although not deadly. However, when … [Read more...]

Telling stories

In your family who tells the best stories? What is your favourite family story? Write about or explain the story. Storytelling tense tips Use the past tense to describe actions that happened in the past, or past habits. Use the past continuous tense to describe the background, or a long action that was interrupted by an event in … [Read more...]

A remote island

You have a chance to explore this remote, cloud covered island, in the right top corner of the photo. How do you get there? What do you find? What happens on your journey? Who do you take with you? What supplies do you bring? Use the present tense to write or speak about your journey, as if the reader was there with you, every step … [Read more...]

Long time, no see!

You have just bumped into an old friend from school, that you haven't seen for at least 5 years. What will you say to each other? Some ideas: recent work and current workplace other people that you both know life changes or travels since you last spoke common hobbies and interests what you are doing right now … [Read more...]

Curiosity on the red planet

Imagine you were the Curiosity rover, and you have just touched down on the surface of Mars. Describe what you can see. What is happening around you, right now? Give a running commentary about what you are doing, what you are testing, and what you find.   Curiosity Rover by NASA, public domain     … [Read more...]

Weekend plans

What will you do on the weekend? I'll ... I am going to ... I plan to ... Write about your plans in a journal, or hold a conversation - in real life, or in your head! … [Read more...]

What are you thinking about, right now?

Try to put into words, what you are thinking about right now. Speak them out loud, or mumble them under your breath. Single words, half-formed or full sentences are all good. … [Read more...]