Moving house conversation prompts

If you are anything like me, you will have moved house many times. In fact, I'm moving house right now - it's my 20th move! I'm the expert in the family when it comes to moving. I can pack and unpack everything quickly and safely, and can easily pull apart and put together flat-packed furniture. But I'm not so good at the carrying, especially … [Read more...]

Solving tricky problems

A speaking or writing exercise to propose solutions to tricky problems. This uses both modal verbs (could, should, would), and conditional sentences, so is better for intermediate classes and above. What would you do in these situations? 1. Unpaid bill You are on a business trip by yourself, and in a country and city where you have no … [Read more...]


Everyone has something to complain about. Sometimes something will annoy you enough to write a letter or email. Write a short letter to your local mayor or local government representative, complaining about something that annoys you in your town. streets are not clean there are too many speeding cars graffiti is everywhere there is … [Read more...]


Imagine a mother and her child. The child is misbehaving very badly. How does the mother try to get the child to behave, to do homework, eat dinner, go to sleep, and get up for school? Write or role-play the dialogue between the mother and the misbehaving child. Be as creative and crazy as you want! I love the jizo statues around Nikko … [Read more...]

Travel problems

What could go wrong on an overseas trip? How would you deal with the problems? Make a vocabulary list of problems, then explain how you would manage 5-10 of them. Writing or speaking is okay, in full sentences though! … [Read more...]