30 Travel Idioms

Idioms are used regularly in every-day spoken language. Even beginners are faced with idioms if they travel to an English speaking country for a holiday. That's why it's important to include idioms in all levels of language courses. Plus they are fun, and help with vocabulary learning and recall because they paint bold pictures in our … [Read more...]

15 Idioms from around the world

Idioms are a great way to increase enthusiasm and interest in learning a language. Instead of getting bogged down in memorizing vocabulary, they paint bold, clear pictures in students' minds, which are much more easily remembered than a boring list of words. Teachers can use 1-3 of these as warm-up exercises, or as a list in an entire lesson … [Read more...]

20 Cooking and Food Idioms

to acquire a taste for something - start to like something. bad apple or bad egg - a bad person. big cheese or big enchilada - someone who is very important. a bitter pill to swallow - something that must be accepted, but is hard to accept. to butter someone up - to flatter someone so you can get something. to cheese off someone - to make … [Read more...]

Beer in language

How much do you know about beer in English? Try your hand at these idioms and sayings! Health effects of beer … [Read more...]