50 Travel conversation prompts

The most requested topics in a conversation class with my older students is travel. I usually schedule two classes per conversation course on this topic, focusing on different tenses or grammar. Making the second or third lesson in a course about travel helps the students feel more comfortable with each other and improves speaking … [Read more...]

Solving tricky problems

A speaking or writing exercise to propose solutions to tricky problems. This uses both modal verbs (could, should, would), and conditional sentences, so is better for intermediate classes and above. What would you do in these situations? 1. Unpaid bill You are on a business trip by yourself, and in a country and city where you have no … [Read more...]

Unexpected, or not?

Find out something new about a family member. Quiz them on their dreams, Christmas plans, or past experiences. Ask a lot of questions about their studies, a recent holiday, or even what their daily routine is in detail. Find out where they want to visit in the future, what the next book they want to read. Hunt for something new - a … [Read more...]

Once upon a future time

Rewrite your favourite fairytale, so that it is set far, far in the future. Consider the following aspects: weather and climate. environment - city or remote outpost, earth or some distant planet. technology, or a lack of technology. people (or aliens) - how they appear and act. culture and language changes. any … [Read more...]


Write a letter to yourself, outlining your dreams, hopes and goals for the next year. Seal it in an envelope, and put a note in your calendar to open it in a year's time. Or send it as an email to yourself using futureme.org. … [Read more...]


Write (or tell) a short story about this photo. Some prompts, if you need them: What was the building used for? Who used the building? What was it like when it was new and beautiful? What happened? Why was it abandoned? Who lives there now? How would you feel if you were exploring the building at night? Do you know of any other … [Read more...]

Weekend plans

What will you do on the weekend? I'll ... I am going to ... I plan to ... Write about your plans in a journal, or hold a conversation - in real life, or in your head! … [Read more...]