Solving tricky problems

A speaking or writing exercise to propose solutions to tricky problems. This uses both modal verbs (could, should, would), and conditional sentences, so is better for intermediate classes and above. What would you do in these situations? 1. Unpaid bill You are on a business trip by yourself, and in a country and city where you have no … [Read more...]

Are you an expert?

Think of something you are really good at, or really interested in - perhaps a hobby, a skill, or even an area of knowledge. Imagine you have just met someone who is interested in learning more about it. Give an overview first (general introduction), then describe your hobby/skill/knowledge in detail. If you can find someone to ask you … [Read more...]

A feathered conversation

The Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles are endangered, and live in the beautiful, temperate rainforest of the Tarkine in Tasmania, Australia. Their habitat is at risk of destruction from logging and open-cut mining. Eagles usually mate for life, and their young live with them as a family for 5-9 years, until they are mature enough to find a mate … [Read more...]