50 Travel conversation prompts

The most requested topics in a conversation class with my older students is travel. I usually schedule two classes per conversation course on this topic, focusing on different tenses or grammar. Making the second or third lesson in a course about travel helps the students feel more comfortable with each other and improves speaking … [Read more...]

What if you won a medieval village?

I've been running this mini 'project' in both my business and conversation classes. Each group's suggestions are completely different to all other groups and fascinating! It's a great chance to practice conjunctions, if-conditionals, modal verbs, and to get everyone talking, debating, negotiating, and even arguing heatedly! In the business … [Read more...]

Moving house conversation prompts

If you are anything like me, you will have moved house many times. In fact, I'm moving house right now - it's my 20th move! I'm the expert in the family when it comes to moving. I can pack and unpack everything quickly and safely, and can easily pull apart and put together flat-packed furniture. But I'm not so good at the carrying, especially … [Read more...]

Solving tricky problems

A speaking or writing exercise to propose solutions to tricky problems. This uses both modal verbs (could, should, would), and conditional sentences, so is better for intermediate classes and above. What would you do in these situations? 1. Unpaid bill You are on a business trip by yourself, and in a country and city where you have no … [Read more...]

If I were you …

Give advice to these people who are in trouble. What would you do if you were them? For example: If I were you, .... Or, If I was Stacy, .... Stacy has just $30 to spend on groceries this week. John's house floods every time it rains heavily. Christine lives in a bushfire prone area and it's going to be a hot, windy summer. Wes … [Read more...]

Running a country

If you were able run the government of your own country, what would it be like? How would you change the laws, the taxes, the military, as well as the education and health systems? What would you keep as government-run public facilities or utilities, and what would you make private? What would your government look like? How many … [Read more...]

Wishes and dreams

Finish the following sentences, and add a reason why. If I won the lottery, I would .... If I could play any instrument, it would be ..... If I had to stop eating one food for the rest of my life, I wouldn't eat ..... If I could only do one sport for the rest of my life, it would be .... If I could only have one pet, I would choose … [Read more...]

Rules of the game

Explain the rules of one sport that you enjoy playing and/or watching. Try to make your explanations both interesting and easy to understand. Related conversation prompts: Why do you like this sport? Have you played it yourself? Who are your favourite players? When did you start watching / playing the sport? … [Read more...]