Mistakes in a second language – cool! Mostly

I've recently moved areas from East to West Germany, and amazed at how much more comfortable everyone here is with using English. In Leipzig, very few people could speak any English, and it was always a (good!) surprise when a shopkeeper asked me a question or wished me a good day in English. In and around Villingen and Wiesbaden, this seems to … [Read more...]

What if you won a medieval village?

I've been running this mini 'project' in both my business and conversation classes. Each group's suggestions are completely different to all other groups and fascinating! It's a great chance to practice conjunctions, if-conditionals, modal verbs, and to get everyone talking, debating, negotiating, and even arguing heatedly! In the business … [Read more...]

Beginner vocabulary exercise – basic office supplies

What do you have on and in your desk? What do you use regularly in your daily work life? Pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, folders, a diary perhaps? Use a dictionary to find out the names of all the things on your desk, and then label them with their English names using sticky notes. Tip: Sticky notes are fabulous for learning new … [Read more...]