For students and teachers

Speaking and listening are the foundations of communication. Many students have trouble learning English when they only focus on reading and writing.

My English classes are fast paced, fun, and packed with speaking and listening tasks, maximising the value you get for your time and money.

Classes are run online and in person (Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany), with private students or small groups. I can provide materials tailored for you, or can work with a textbook.

Contact me to ask questions or sign up for a class.

Self-study and teaching resources and handouts

As I am constantly asked to provide lesson materials, cheat sheets, etc. for English teachers and students around the world, I’ve started to make these available for a small fee over on my Patreon:

Patreon is a monthly subscription service where you pledge a certain amount each month and receive rewards: puzzles, tips, lesson plans, cheat sheets, handouts, discussions, Q&A posts, etc.

On this site

This series of small prompts covers speaking, writing, reading or vocabulary building, each focused on a tiny grammar nugget, and similar to tasks I set when teaching conversation classes.

English learning and teaching resources

Just for teachers – professional development courses

Can’t fit the teacher development classes into your schedule? Look for business skills courses – often run in evenings – these skills are transferable to and from the educational setting.