Bite-sized podcasts for English fluency

Podcasts are an excellent and enjoyable way to increase your listening fluency and pick up new words, in context.

Lazy catI’ve been using a few in German, and have noticed it’s much easier for me to put together sentences – I’m soaking up grammar and new words!

If I listen to a podcast about a topic I’m interested in, I pay attention and try to understand. If it’s a topic I don’t like, I switch off.

Best to pick an interesting topic then!

These short to medium length podcasts are slowly and clearly spoken, by wonderful people, about a variety of topics.

I hope you find a topic and podcaster you enjoy.

  • Brains Matter, a scientific podcast from Australia (and presented by one of my university friends!)
  • Sustainably Creative, by Michael Nobbs – an artist encouraging creativity in a slow and comfortable way, as he manages a chronic illness.
  • Growing Insights, by Alison Clayton-Smith, a writer and coach managing fibromyalgia.
  • Julian Summerhayes, writer, poet and speaker, helping others get unstuck and enjoy their lives.
  • BBC Open Book – a series interviewing authors about their books.
  • Accidental Creative, by Todd Henry – podcasting about productivity, and talking a little faster than some of the other podcasters in this list!

I’ll be adding more to the list as I discover them – if you know of a good, clearly spoken, short-medium length podcast I should add, please do let me know!