Natural pests

Pterois volitans by Jens Petersen, CC BY 2.5

Pterois volitans by Jens Petersen, CC BY 2.5

The lion fish is becoming a pest in waters around the world – there are too many of them!

Lion fish have venomous spines and do not have many natural predators (apart from the occasional shark).

They are aggressive fish, and actively protect their territories.

These fish are even dangerous to humans, although not deadly. However, when properly prepared, lion fish can be eaten!

This lion fish was photographed in the aquarium on a recent visit to Melbourne, Australia. But the aquarium’s information about this fish didn’t explain that the increasing numbers of lion fish are becoming a problem.

Writing prompts

  • Write a blurb for the lion-fish exhibit in the aquarium that explains how and why they are a pest in many places around the world.
  • Write a proposal for how the numbers of these lion fish could be reduced. Be as creative as you can!
  • Write an information leaflet, explaining the dangers of this fish to humans and marine environments.

Conversation prompts

  • What other animals, fish or plants are becoming pests in your area? What is being done about them?
  • Do you support any conservation societies? If yes, which ones and why?
  • Would you keep a lion fish in your home aquarium? Why / why not?