How did you choose your university or college?

It’s a hard decision for many students – choosing a university or college, not to mention a degree!

What factors influenced your decision on where you wanted to study?

For myself, it was a campus that was not in the middle of the city (I’m a little crowd-a-phobic), but still in my home city of Melbourne, one that had a lot of park-like open spaces and good libraries, a swimming pool, a medical clinic and access to counsellors, all on campus.

I went to several university open days to get the feel of the many different campuses in my home city. Once I had knocked out the ones I didn’t feel ‘comfortable’ at, I chose my final university based on the courses I wanted to do.

If I had my time over, I would perhaps choose a different degree, focusing on learning languages, and one which would have allowed me to study overseas for a year.

Although, I’m more than happy with the friends I made during my particular course, and especially that it led me to lecture in the subjects I previously studied, I’m not using my programming knowledge in my current line of work or studies overly much!

A courtyard at Melbourne University

A courtyard at Melbourne University