Crossword – words rhyming with ‘will’

Crossword - words ending in 'ill' - free PDF downloadHow many words do you know that end in ill?

Here are 24 in addition to ‘ill’ and ‘will’, arranged in a crossword puzzle format.

Intermediate EFL students and those at a higher level have enjoyed this puzzle.

As a bonus, they became more familiar with their dictionary – some of the words are quite difficult and obscure!

Download the crossword puzzle (PDF) and see how many you can get right.

Highlight the hidden text below to see the answers.

Across:   1 shrill  7 hill  9 sill  11 fill  13 spill  15 swill  17 drill  19 bill  20 quill  21 pill  22 frill

Down: 1 skill  2 till  3 gill  4 thrill  5 kill  6 twill  8 dill  10 trill  12 mill  13 still  14 chill  16 grill  18 rill

Do you know any other words that end in ‘-ill’?

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