Fallen statue in Fukushima, after the earthquakeEveryone has something to complain about. Sometimes something will annoy you enough to write a letter or email.

Write a short letter to your local mayor or local government representative, complaining about something that annoys you in your town.

  • streets are not clean
  • there are too many speeding cars
  • graffiti is everywhere
  • there is not enough playground equipment
  • there is too much light pollution
  • energy or water prices are too high
  • there are too many detours for road-reconstruction projects
  • there are not enough bike parking racks
  • library opening hours are too short
  • rubbish is not collected often enough

Write about anything that annoys you, and don’t forget to propose a solution (using could, should, would)!

The most common complaint letter I write is to politicians, for awareness campaigns such as on GetUp! or other online activism websites, particularly for climate change and endangered animal protection.