Dialogue tags

Dialogue tags are used to indicate speech in writing. Clara asked, "Just what is it with John?! He's always in a bad mood these days." "I think he must be running on too little sleep and too much caffeine." Jane said. Although said and asked are most common, there are hundreds of others that you can use to show how the … [Read more...]

How did you choose your university or college?

It's a hard decision for many students - choosing a university or college, not to mention a degree! What factors influenced your decision on where you wanted to study? For myself, it was a campus that was not in the middle of the city (I'm a little crowd-a-phobic), but still in my home city of Melbourne, one that had a lot of park-like open … [Read more...]

Historical events

Explain what happened in these important years in history. Why are these years important? Who was affected by the events in these years? 1095 1452 1492 1517 1789 1898 1945 1969 1989 2001 2002 … [Read more...]


Everyone has something to complain about. Sometimes something will annoy you enough to write a letter or email. Write a short letter to your local mayor or local government representative, complaining about something that annoys you in your town. streets are not clean there are too many speeding cars graffiti is everywhere there is … [Read more...]

Are you an expert?

Think of something you are really good at, or really interested in - perhaps a hobby, a skill, or even an area of knowledge. Imagine you have just met someone who is interested in learning more about it. Give an overview first (general introduction), then describe your hobby/skill/knowledge in detail. If you can find someone to ask you … [Read more...]

A feathered conversation

The Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles are endangered, and live in the beautiful, temperate rainforest of the Tarkine in Tasmania, Australia. Their habitat is at risk of destruction from logging and open-cut mining. Eagles usually mate for life, and their young live with them as a family for 5-9 years, until they are mature enough to find a mate … [Read more...]

Important news

What were the five most important news stories that have happened in the last five years? Why did you choose these stories? Why were they important to you? If you can remember, what were you doing at the time when the news broke? Ask a friend or family member the first question. Were their five stories the same as … [Read more...]

Telling stories

In your family who tells the best stories? What is your favourite family story? Write about or explain the story. Storytelling tense tips Use the past tense to describe actions that happened in the past, or past habits. Use the past continuous tense to describe the background, or a long action that was interrupted by an event in … [Read more...]


Imagine a mother and her child. The child is misbehaving very badly. How does the mother try to get the child to behave, to do homework, eat dinner, go to sleep, and get up for school? Write or role-play the dialogue between the mother and the misbehaving child. Be as creative and crazy as you want! I love the jizo statues around Nikko … [Read more...]

A remote island

You have a chance to explore this remote, cloud covered island, in the right top corner of the photo. How do you get there? What do you find? What happens on your journey? Who do you take with you? What supplies do you bring? Use the present tense to write or speak about your journey, as if the reader was there with you, every step … [Read more...]