Dialogue tags

Dialogue tags are used to indicate speech in writing. Clara asked, "Just what is it with John?! He's always in a bad mood these days." "I think he must be running on too little sleep and too much caffeine." Jane said. Although said and asked are most common, there are hundreds of others that you can use to show how the … [Read more...]

20 Cooking and Food Idioms

to acquire a taste for something - start to like something. bad apple or bad egg - a bad person. big cheese or big enchilada - someone who is very important. a bitter pill to swallow - something that must be accepted, but is hard to accept. to butter someone up - to flatter someone so you can get something. to cheese off someone - to make … [Read more...]

Car vocabulary

How many English words do you know about cars and car parts? Do you know the different words used by British English, American English and Australian English speakers? Read through the vocabulary list below, and download the word search puzzle (PDF) if you enjoy a challenge! accelerator airbag air … [Read more...]

Japanese vocab building apps

Apps can help you study, to increase motivation and make learning fun. My personal favourites are: Japanese Flip (iOS) - a traditional flip-card program with spaced repetition. Kanji Dream (iOS) - an incredibly kawaii (cute) kanji and vocab learning app, forcing you to actually sound out the kanji and vocab. Obenkyo (Android) - with … [Read more...]

Related words

What verbs are similar or related to the following verbs? smile sleep eat speak walk For example - smile: grin, smirk, laugh, giggle, ... I can only nibble on a tiny amount of this rich chocolate coffee cake! … [Read more...]

A dream garden

Are you a gardener and already have your perfect garden? Do you wish for a larger or different garden, packed full of plants? Draw your dream garden and label all of the plants, flowers, trees and landscaping elements. My dream garden would need an acre or so, to fit all the plants, ponds, and trees! But I need to be content with my … [Read more...]

Fine weather

How many weather-related words do you know? Build word trees or word lists for 'good' and 'bad' words about the weather. Do you know more negative or positive weather words? My negative list was more than four times larger than my positive list! … [Read more...]

Fix this sign

This sign was on an air-conditioner in a hotel near Sale, Victoria. Although it's understandable, it's not correct. Please fix it! What other signs have you seen with jumbled English? … [Read more...]


Anagrams are words made out of using the same letters of another word, only in a different order. For example: cat -> act cafe -> face What anagrams can you find of the following words: 1 anagram: earth, dusty, ring, dawn, thicken, cheating, disease, seaside, salesman 2 anagrams: eat, care, skin, west, arm 3 anagrams: team, plates, star … [Read more...]

A list

Write your next shopping list or to-do list in the language you are currently learning. If that is too easy, write a list of goals (any type) for the next 6 months and write a plan of how you will reach your goals, all of it in your target language. … [Read more...]