Australian animals – word search

One of the first handouts I made for my Japanese classes in 2010 was a word find puzzle, with a large number of Australian animals. It was probably one of the most popular lessons, as the students raced to be first and receive Australian stickers as prizes. They were surprised at some of the animals that could be found in Australia - camels, … [Read more...]

Words rhyming with ‘ale’

I usually give these vocabulary building exercises to my conversation class students as homework, although completing them in class can result in a surprising amount of noise and talking! Download the PDF version, without answers: Word rhyme - ale Example: A type of beer: ale A bundle of hay. To remove water from somewhere, usually … [Read more...]

Professions crossword

A number of my classes are deep in the jobs and professions topic area. Crosswords are a fun way of increasing vocabulary (both in the answers and in the questions!) Download:  Professions crossword (PDF) If you found this crossword useful, please share it on your social networks. … [Read more...]

Food crossword

Crosswords are a fun way to increase vocabulary, especially when students are challenged to understand the words in the questions too! Recommended level: upper-beginner to advanced Ingredients and food crossword (PDF) Highlight the hidden text below to see the answers. Across: 1 macadamias, 5 custard, 6 parsley, 7 rhubarb, 9 … [Read more...]

Crossword – words rhyming with ‘will’

How many words do you know that end in ill? Here are 24 in addition to 'ill' and 'will', arranged in a crossword puzzle format. Intermediate EFL students and those at a higher level have enjoyed this puzzle. As a bonus, they became more familiar with their dictionary - some of the words are quite difficult and obscure! Download the … [Read more...]

Dialogue tags

Dialogue tags are used to indicate speech in writing. Clara asked, "Just what is it with John?! He's always in a bad mood these days." "I think he must be running on too little sleep and too much caffeine." Jane said. Although said and asked are most common, there are hundreds of others that you can use to show how the … [Read more...]

Car vocabulary

How many English words do you know about cars and car parts? Do you know the different words used by British English, American English and Australian English speakers? Read through the vocabulary list below, and download the word search puzzle (PDF) if you enjoy a challenge! accelerator airbag air … [Read more...]

Beer in language

How much do you know about beer in English? Try your hand at these idioms and sayings! Health effects of beer … [Read more...]