Free ESL podcasts

There is a great selection of English podcasts for learners. But there are also many not-so-good, irregularly updated and expensive subscription podcasts out there. The following are the best of the best free ESL podcasts, from podcasters who have been around for years, consistently delivering excellent material to English language … [Read more...]

The two things you need to learn languages easily

Most of my current English (EFL) students are adults. Some progress quickly, others struggle for each step. Some are studying for university or their jobs, others for travel, and the remainder for the community bonding they get in each class. The ones that progress the fastest are those who are curious about English, and those who are not … [Read more...]

Japanese vocab building apps

Apps can help you study, to increase motivation and make learning fun. My personal favourites are: Japanese Flip (iOS) - a traditional flip-card program with spaced repetition. Kanji Dream (iOS) - an incredibly kawaii (cute) kanji and vocab learning app, forcing you to actually sound out the kanji and vocab. Obenkyo (Android) - with … [Read more...]

Can you learn a language fast with language hacks?

People learning a new language typically search for ways to make their journey easier and faster. Learning any language requires time and perseverance. Learning it more quickly requires no fear of making mistakes, and for you to already know how you learn - your learning style. Language 'hacks' are ways that you can maintain motivation, … [Read more...]