Telling stories

In your family who tells the best stories? What is your favourite family story? Write about or explain the story. Storytelling tense tips Use the past tense to describe actions that happened in the past, or past habits. Use the past continuous tense to describe the background, or a long action that was interrupted by an event in the … [Read more...]

In the old days

What did you used to do when you were younger, that you don't do now? What did you used to eat or drink? What hobbies did you used to have? How did you used to spend your time? Did you reach any goals that you used to have, or have they changed over time? Write about or explain how your life and interests used to be, and how they have … [Read more...]

Old dreams

Wishes and dreams change over time. I have hundreds of wishes and dreams that I used to wish would come true. Sometimes life moved in incompatible ways, sometimes I grew out of the wishes and dreams. Some of my childhood wishes were impossible to begin with - like finding a world full of magic and talking animals at the back of my wardrobe. I … [Read more...]

A dark and deadly night

Write the opening of a murder-mystery novel or movie. Be detailed - set the scene and introduce your characters with descriptive language.  Hint at the motives and backgrounds of your characters. Leave the readers hungering for more! … [Read more...]

Long time, no see!

You have just bumped into an old friend from school, that you haven't seen for at least 5 years. What will you say to each other? Some ideas: recent work and current workplace other people that you both know life changes or travels since you last spoke common hobbies and interests what you are doing right now … [Read more...]

Once upon a future time

Rewrite your favourite fairytale, so that it is set far, far in the future. Consider the following aspects: weather and climate. environment - city or remote outpost, earth or some distant planet. technology, or a lack of technology. people (or aliens) - how they appear and act. culture and language changes. any world-shattering … [Read more...]

Wishes and dreams

Finish the following sentences, and add a reason why. If I won the lottery, I would .... If I could play any instrument, it would be ..... If I had to stop eating one food for the rest of my life, I wouldn't eat ..... … [Read more...]

Rules of the game

Explain the rules of one sport that you enjoy playing and/or watching. … [Read more...]

The best day

Write a story about a person who lives through your ideal day. Be as descriptive as possible: What do they do? Where do they go? What do they think? What do they see? What do they say? Who do they meet and speak to? How do they feel throughout the day? … [Read more...]

A silly story

Choose at random 3 nouns, 3 adjectives and 3 verbs. Or better - get someone else to pick the words randomly. Write or tell a short story using all nine words, in the past tense. The sillier the better! … [Read more...]