Starting a new conversation class

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If you are anything like me, as both a teacher and a student, starting a new conversation class is terribly scary. Will the group work well together? What will we talk about? Will I have the confidence to talk, or be too scared about making … [Continue reading]

Why LearnedWords?

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It all started with words, losing myself in piles of books from the time I started to read. I’d devour page after page, get lost in imaginary worlds, and chase down stories. I started writing my own stories in primary school, such terrible copies … [Continue reading]

Illness and treatments

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Most of us have been ill. We've all done things to 'fix' our illness, even if it's just the common cold. Most of use have been to a doctor or specialist, had tests, and been prescribed medications or therapies. Unfortunately, this also happens … [Continue reading]

An (un)welcome immersion in language

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Immersion really is key to fast language acquisition. But only when you keep using it afterwards! A recent (planned) week-long stay in hospital showed that I can, in general, function in German. I did study a bit harder leading up to this stay, as … [Continue reading]

Words rhyming with ‘ale’

I usually give these vocabulary building exercises to my conversation class students as homework, although completing them in class can result in a surprising amount of noise and talking! Download the PDF version, without answers: Word rhyme - … [Continue reading]

Bite-sized podcasts for English fluency

Podcasts are an excellent and enjoyable way to increase your listening fluency and pick up new words, in context. I've been using a few in German, and have noticed it's much easier for me to put together sentences - I'm soaking up grammar and new … [Continue reading]

What if you won a medieval village?

I've been running this mini 'project' in both my business and conversation classes. Each group's suggestions are completely different to all other groups and fascinating! It's a great chance to practice conjunctions, if-conditionals, modal … [Continue reading]

Professions crossword

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A number of my classes are deep in the jobs and professions topic area. Crosswords are a fun way of increasing vocabulary (both in the answers and in the questions!) Download:  Professions crossword (PDF) If you found this crossword useful, … [Continue reading]

Food crossword

Crosswords are a fun way to increase vocabulary, especially when students are challenged to understand the words in the questions too! Recommended level: upper-beginner to advanced Ingredients and food crossword (PDF) Highlight the hidden … [Continue reading]

15 Idioms from around the world

Into the fire

Idioms are a great way to increase enthusiasm and interest in learning a language. Instead of getting bogged down in memorizing vocabulary, they paint bold, clear pictures in students' minds, which are much more easily remembered than a boring … [Continue reading]