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Fast, consistent and professional content in readable English: writing, editing, proofreading, indexing and translation from German into English. I specialise in the IT, science & manufacturing, medical and legal fields. Contract me on Upwork

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I love photography, especially exploring landscapes and macro close-ups. At the moment, I am a Canon girl, sporting only image stabilised lenses. I am available for hire for food and non-identifiable subjects - contact me if you are interested.

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Teaching resources

Lesson plans, handouts, puzzles, word games, quizzes, tips, in-depth answers to your questions - resources for teachers to take the stress out of lesson planning for conversation courses, published every month on Patreon.

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Virtual artist dates

At the tail end of the pandemic, even with social distancing and hygiene measures, artist dates out in the 'real world' can feel overwhelming. Virtual artist dates get around that.
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